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How to Hide a Receding Hairline


How to Hide a Receding Hairline
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A receding hairline is common to many men, so you're not alone. Minimizing the appearance of a receding hairline or thinning hair is fairly easy. Here are my tips:

Get a Haircut
A short haircut is almost always a good option. Here's my rule of thumb: If you can see scalp on top of your head, cut the sides short enough so, if you squint, there is an equal amount of scalp exposure. This will provide balance and minimize the thinning on top.

Shave Your Head
For guys with a nicely shaped head, a total head shave can be a good option. With a total lack of hair, nobody will notice you're losing it in the first place.

Get A Hat
Wearing a stylish hat (on either formal or casual occasions) is an easy trick for concealing a receding hairline. Of course, all is revealed when you remove your lid.

Grow it Out
If you're hairline is receding, but your hair is otherwise full, you may also consider growing it out a bit and wearing the style loose and shaggy with the bangs forward a bit. This will help conceal the receding part at the front. Just make sure, at all costs, to avoid the comb-over effect.

Grow Some Facial Hair
A neatly trimmed beard or facial hair will help draw the eye down the face and away from the top of th head.

Go Easy on Product
Avoid using too much products or styling products that cause the hair to separate and expose scalp. Use just a small amount of a light cream on dry hair.

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