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Retaining Male Salon Clients

Why the Top Stylists Are On Top


Here's an interesting statistic for you. 20% of the people working in the hair industry serve 80% of all the clients. How do they do it? Are their haircuts or color services better? Probably not. I believe that the biggest factor in male client retention is not based on how well the barber or stylist cut or colored their hair. The reasons they return are based on how they felt about the experience. In the salons I've managed in the past, I've seen this belief reinforced over and over again. Often, the most talented stylists are the least requested, while less talented stylists are booked. The booked stylists always seem to be those with the most compelling personalities These top stylists are the best at retaining male salon clients.

Take a look around your shop or salon. Who are the most requested stylists? Are they technically more skilled than you? What's the difference? Personality and service. Those 20% of the barbers and stylists doing 80% of the business are the ones who are giving a great experience! How do you get into that that top 20%? It's not as hard as you think! You've just need to be willing to change a few habits.

Albert Einstein once said that insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result! If you want to build client retention make more money, continuing to do the same thing you are doing now is insane thinking! Many barbers and stylists make the mistake of jumping around from job to job trying to find more money, when the key is improving the level of service they provide in the shop they are currently in.

A truly good barber or stylist can succeed almost anywhere. If you want to build a base of loyal, happy clients, it is important to focus on every available opportunity. As professional barbers and stylists, we must create the ideal experience to make this goal a reality. This applies to the service of both women and men in the salon, but let's focus on the men for now. Following are my four corners of success for retaining male clients.

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