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Five Rules for Wedding Day Grooming

Looking Great for the Big Day


Five Rules for Wedding Day Grooming
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Wedding day is one of the most important (and hectic) days a man will go through and looking your absolute best is critical. Think about it. You'll be photographed hundreds of times and the wedding photos are something you'll be proud of (or haunted by) for the rest of your life. Good wedding day grooming is essential -- a great haircut and clean shave are a must. Here are my five rules for wedding day grooming.

1) Avoid Trends
For wedding day, it's important to stick to a timeless style such as a classic taper, layer cut or Caesar cut. Remember, your wedding photos will be seen for decades (hopefully) so today's trendy haircut may make those photos look dated in the years to come. Make sure your style is classic and your color is natural.

2) Shave
If a beard is part of your normal look, keep it -- just make sure it's professionally trimmed and shaped and that you've got a clean shave on the cheeks and neck. If you normally sport a clean shaven or a scruffy look, go with the clean shave. A shaved face will make you look well groomed and fresh.

Tip: A great way to make sure you and your groomsmen look great is to book a trim and shave for the group at a high-end barber shop. A professional shave is a great way to kick off your wedding day and makes a great gift for the groomsmen.

3) Get a Haircut the Week Before the Wedding
Unless you've got very short hair, you'll want to get a cut about a week before the wedding (for guys with aggressively short hair, do it two or three days before). This will give the hair time to relax a bit before the wedding (and also give you time for adjustments if the cut isn't flawless). If you end up with a tan line on your neck, get a little sun before the wedding. The morning of the wedding, go in for a neck shave and sideburn touchup.

4) Get Your Hair Cut By A Seasoned Pro
Your wedding haircut is not the type of haircut you get at the cooker cutter chain salon or butcher you normally go to. Seek out the services of a pro in a high-end barber shop or men's salon. Expect to pay more for this haircut than you may be accustomed to, but the extra cost will be worth it. Make sure you tell the barber or stylist you're getting a haircut for your wedding so they'll pay extra attention to detail. Ask them to show you how to style your hair properly (and which products to use) for the big day.

5) Get Some Sleep
Plan the bachelor party a several days before the wedding so you're not tired (or hung over) the day of the wedding. On the night before the big day, go to bed early and wake up in time to make sure you look well rested and have adequate time to shave and groom properly.

Getting married is a big deal for us guys, but it's even more important for the bride. Showing up with a clean shave and a great haircut is one of the best things you can do for her. Don't forget to bring her flowers, too. She'll remember it.

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