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Men's Hair Care, Scalp Care, Styling Tips, & Products


This section gives you the tools you need to look your best. You'll find articles on hair care and styling, scalp care, product usage, communicating with your haircutter, hair trends, and hair loss for men only. The information was created by a hair care professional (who also happens to be a guy), so you can rest assured that you can rely on the advice you'll find here.
  1. Men's Hair - Care & Styling
  2. Men's Hair Products
  3. A Men's Guide to Salons and Barbershops
  4. Scalp Care Tips for Men
  1. Men's Guide to Hair Loss
  2. Men's Body Hair Care and Groomming
  3. Men's Hair Trends
  4. For Hair Care Professionals

Men's Hair - Care & Styling

Regularly updated hair care tips for men, including advice on shampooing, conditioning, treatments, and correcting hair problems. The articles and advice are written by a licensed hair care professional with over two decades of experience.

Men's Hair Products

This is your complete guide to men's grooming and styling products. Shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and finishing products for men are covered. Advice on how to use products to get salon results at home.

A Men's Guide to Salons and Barbershops

Insider's tips on getting the best haircut possible. Learn to communicate with your barber or stylist and find advice on how to make the most of your visit to the barbershop or salon.

Scalp Care Tips for Men

The key to great looking hair is a healthy scalp. Here you will find advice on treating dandruff and other scalp conditions as well as advice on keeping your hair healthy through a well maintained scalp.

Men's Guide to Hair Loss

Information and advice for balding men and for those with thinning hair. Hair loss products and treatments are covered as are the best hairstyling options for men thinning hair and receding hairlines.

Men's Body Hair Care and Groomming

What's below the neck is important, too! Professional advice on body hair grooming and removal. Learn how to trim and maintain body hair and find out different options for hair removal and "manscaping."

Men's Hair Trends

Looking good requires keeping up with the latest trends. We cover all of the bases, from photos of men's trendy haircuts, to hairstyling tips, to coloring. We'll help keep you looking like you're one step ahead of the pack.

For Hair Care Professionals

This section is designed to offer licensed barbers and stylists helpful information to enhance their service for male clients. From making men feel more welcome in the salon to retail selling techniques, you'll find lots of good information to help you give men the hair care experience they're looking for.

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