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Five Favorite Men's Shampoos


Washing our hair is often one of the first (or last) things we do every day and it's also a critical art of our grooming ritual. The right shampoo can leave your hair looking and feeling great and the fragrance can invigorate or relax you. These are my five favorite men's shampoos at the moment.

1. Bed Head for Men Clean Up Daily Shampoo

This is an all around fantastic shampoo and it smells amazing. A little minty -- it'll really perk you up in the morning. The shampoo has a bit of a menthol kick and feels invigorating on the scalp. The lather is rich and will rinse away clean while leaving your hair and scalp feeling exceptionally clean with no residue. The conditioner is a solid buy as well.

2. Aveda for Men Pure-formance Shampoo

The shampoo has a very rich texture and does a fine job of cleaning the hair and scalp with no noticeable drying or itching for most guys. Many shampoos leave the scalp feeling oily, but this product rinses away completely. Your hair and scalp will feel clean and refreshed. The scent is a bit strong and lingers longer than most other products, but that's a minor complaint. It has a fairly earthy smell (notes of lavender, citrus, and mint) which may not appeal to everyone.

3. Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Shampoo

I've always called Lavender the "man flower" because, unless it's made to smell sweeter by adding something to it, lavender oil has a very earthy, masculine smell. It smells great, the fragrance has a calming effect, and it has natural disinfectant properties. Paul Mitchell has done a great job incorporating lavender into their Tea Tree Lavender Mint Shampoo. This one smells great and it has all the benefits of lavender and tea tree essential oils. Good stuff.

4. Menscience Daily Shampoo

Menscience Daily Shampoo provides exceptionally good cleaning for both the hair and scalp. It is free from alcohols, dyes, and fragrances and may be used every day. For me, the performance of the product has been exceptional and I would certainly recommend it -- especially for those who need a deep cleaning shampoo that's still gentle on the hair.

5. MENSDEPT. Tonic Shampoo

MENSDEPT. TONIC SHAMPOO is an effective daily shampoo ideally suited for short hair. Combined with shampoo technique, you'll get solid results from this one. In my tests, it did a great job of leaving the hair and scalp very clean. The product contains lime, peppermint and wintergreen oils and has a nice minty kick (just be careful not to get the product in your eyes as it can burn a bit). The fragrance is neutral and fairly pleasant (although it reminded me of dishwashing liquid just a bit). The shampoo is suitable for all hair types.

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