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A medium length men's haircut is a great option for a guy who still wants to maintain a fairly short style, but have a few more styling options. Medium length styles for men range from the simple layer cut, to styles that are more tapered on the sides and back and longer on the top. A medium style will also typically require less frequent trips to your barber or stylist than a shorter cut, while still being fairly easy to maintain.

This gallery contains several great hairstyles for guys looking for a medium length men's haircut. You'll find men's hairstyles that are versatile with style notes for each. Because it's always easier to show your haircutter what you want than it is to explain a style, I recommend printing the photo and taking it with you to your barber or stylist.

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Long Layer Cut with Short SidesShort Layer Cut with TextureShort Layer Cut with TextureA Medium Layer Cut with Extreme Texture
A Classic Layered Hair StyleThe Mullet Goes ModernA Medium Option for Thick TextureThe Medium Layer Cut
A Medium Casual Layer CutMedium Layer Cut with Detailed Finishing
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