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2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards for Men's Hair Voting


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The Nominations Are In!
2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards for Men's Hair Voting

Announcing the finalists in the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards for Men's Hair. Vote for your favorite now! Voting closes March 19, 2013 with winner's announced on March 27th 2013. Do your fellow man a favor and vote for your favorite in each category -- there are some seriously great products up for consideration in categories ranging from Best Styling Product to Best Shaving Cream.

These nominees were chosen by About.com readers during the nomination phase. Those products which received the most nominations in each category made it into the finals and the voting is now open. Remember, the finalists in each category were chosen by readers and are not necessarily endorsed by the Men's Hair Guide on About.com.

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