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Advice for Shaving Your Head

Advice and information on shaving your head and maintaining the look. Get a closer shave without razor burn, ingrown hairs, or irritation. Proper shaving technique from a licensed professional.

Should I Shave My Head
We help answer the question, "Should I shave my head?" Find out when it's right to go bald by choice.

Professional Advice for Shaving Your Head
A barber's guide to hassle free head shaving

Caring for Your Bald Head
Basic tips for keeping your shaved head looking healthy.

Pictures of Bald Men and Men with Shaved Heads
This gallery contains several great examples of how a bald or shaved head can be a sexy look. Gone are the days when being bald was something to be ashamed of. From Bruce Willis to Andre Agassi, more and more men are taking it all off and proudly showing off their bald head.

Grooming Products Just for Bald and Shaved Men
Shampoo, shaving products, and moisturizers for bald guys and those who shave their heads.

How to Prevent Razor Burn
Tips and advice for preventing razor burn. These tips work well for both your face and your head.

Ingrown Hairs - Treatment and Prevention
When it comes to ingrown hairs, the best defense is a good offense. We show you how to prevent ingrown hairs and how to remove them.

Review of HeadBlade Razor and Shaving Products
A full review of the HeadBlade Razor and related shaving products, including HeadWash, HeadLube, and HeadSlick

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