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Men's Hair Trends

The latest trends in men's hair styles and haircuts are covered, from cuts to styling and color.

Men's Hair Trends for Fall and Winter 2013
A prediction on men's hair trends for 2013 and beyond.

Men's Hair Trends for Spring Summer 2013

Men's Haircut with Short Sides with Long, Disconnected Top

Men's Hair Trends for Fall/Winter 2012
This article illustrates trends in men's haircuts and hairstyles for Fall 2011 and Winter 2012.

How to Keep Ahead of Men's Hair Trends
Staying ahead of the trends in men's hairstyles and haircuts is easy, you just have to know where to look. Our insiders advice on where to turn for the latest trends in men's hair.

Pulling Off a Trendy Look at the Office
Considering a trendy or aggressive men's haircut in a conservative office? Follow our tips for knowing when (and if) you should step outside the norm and get a trendy hairstyle for work.

The Short Faux Hawk
The Low Hawk is a short variation of the faux hawk. A short summer haircut for men.

Trends in Men's Hair 2000 to 2009
Not long ago, someone asked me, "What was the biggest men's hair trend this past decade?" I was really hard pressed to answer that one. Perhaps, if I could pick one standout theme it would have to be "low maintenance" hair. Guys were buzzing it off or wearing it long and shaggy -- cool looks that were easy to maintain. While there were really no defining trends in men's hairstyles between 2000…

Hair That Moves
A loose, carefree men's hairstyle with movement and texture.

Sleek and Separated Style Inspired by David Cook
We show you how to get this smooth, long style inspired by David Cook.

A Little Off the Top and Some Swirls on the Side
While not for every man, trendy design cuts can make a bold statement for a brief period.

How to Get Robert Pattinson's Hairstyle
Want to get Robert Pattinson's casual, fluffy style as seen in the Twilight movies? It takes a little work, but we show you how.

Is Your Hairstyle In or Out?
Take a look in the mirror. Is your trendy haircut a thing of the past? About.com's Guide to Men's Fashion and Grooming weighs in with his opinion.

How to Get a Mad Men Don Draper Inspired Haircut
AMC TV's Mad Men is all the rage -- and so is Don Draper's classic slick, side parted haircut. We show you how to get the Mad Men Haircut.

How to Style a Pompadour
How to style a men's pompadour haircut.

Men's Hair Trend: Short Sides, Disconnected Top

Men's Hair Trends for 2014
Mens Hair Trends for 2014 -- Tight Fade with a Longer Top

Men's Hair Trends for 2014
Men's Hair Trend for 2014

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