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Men's Hair Trends for Fall and Winter 2013

The Man Groomer Jason Schneidman Weighs in on the Upcoming Trends


Hugh Jackman and Jason Schneidman

Every day, people ask me what are the trends in men's hair? In recent years, that has been a difficult question to answer. These days, it seems men's styles are all over the map and guys are doing what works for them -- and that's a good thing, in my opinion. It seems like most every stylist has an opinion, but for a more definitive look on the upcoming trends, we turn to "The Men's Groomer" (and Dove Men+Care spokesman) Jason Schneidman. Jason is currently grooming Hugh Jackman for the international Wolverine press tour, so rest assured he knows his stuff. Here's what Jason had to say about the upcoming trends in men's hair.

"Guys are paying more and more attention to their look nowadays, which is why it has become so important to have a great haircut. A good stylist will know about the coolest new hair trends, but I like to remind people that a classic cut will always be in, no matter what.

"In terms of trends in men's hair, we’ve been riding the Great Gatsby look for almost a year and a half now, and I think it will continue to be popular for the coming months, with some small changes. For guys unfamiliar with the look, the Gatsby is known for its noticeably clean side part on a head of hair that has the top left longer and fuller and the sides groomed in closer. It’s a great look, but I really look to stay ahead of the game with men’s cuts so have been evolving the cut into a more handsome, timeless look.  I’m asking my clients (like the incredibly talented Hugh Jackman) to grow their hair out so they have a bit more fullness than the traditional Gatsby. They can achieve this look by using a great thickening shampoo, like Dove Men+Care Thickening Fortifying Shampoo.  I still really like the clean-cut Gatsby cut look, but the trend is moving forward with more fullness.

"I have also been seeing a lot more guys growing their hair out only on top so that they have a little more volume there. This look can be tricky in the summer heat, since you want to keep the volume and style it with a product that does not weigh hair down. I’ve been using a combination of Spray Wax and Dry Shampoo since they are both lightweight products for the summer. Lightly spray the Spray Wax (avoid too much otherwise it will make your hair look oily) to get a good styling hold, and then use the Dry Shampoo afterwards to mattify your hair for a great “lived in” look. You can touch this up to hold for a couple of days, but this product combo definitely needs to be shampooed out. To wash away all of the build-up, dirt, and grease, try the Dove Men+Care Fresh Clean 2-in-1, which is fortified with menthol and infused with caffeine to clean and condition hair.

"Another trend that I’m predicting for the coming months is what I’m calling a more 'sophisticated grunge.' This includes a very polished head of hair (like the Gatsby cut) with a beard or scruffy facial hair, which toughens up the look. Wearing a clean haircut with a little bit of beard is a really easy way to get an edgy look.  Finally, as I mentioned earlier, trends come and go, so my #1 style tip is to stay classic. You can be modern and edgy by changing up things, but a classic haircut oozes the effortlessly cool look I always strive for."

Bio: Jason Schneidman is excited to be working with Dove Men+Care as an expert authority on their new hair care range of products for guys. He is “The Men’s Groomer” to many of Hollywood’s top actors and works as a men’s stylist at the Chris McMillan salon in Beverly Hills. He is known for his slick styling and sharp grooming on the red carpet, press events, ad campaigns, and editorial work.

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