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Pictures of Men's Design Haircuts

A Little Off the Top and Some Swirls on the Side


During a recent trip to Miami, I noticed several young guys with very detailed designs shaved into the sides of their heads. These design lines are sometimes called tramlines. I'm noticing the trend here in Atlanta lately as well, mostly among young Latino men. Entering the Art Zone has even produced a DVD aimed at barbers and stylists showing how to create these men's design haircuts.

While not a look most guys can even think of pulling off, these works of art in hair really make a bold statement. As the designs will quickly grow out and begin to look rough, maintaining this type of cut will require frequent trips to the barber.

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A Work of Art In HairA Faux Hawk with GrafittiA Mohawk and Then SomeA Faux Hawk, A Mullet, and Some Stripes
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