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Men's Hair Trends for 2012


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Short Sides with Long, Disconnected Top
Men's Hair Trends for 2012

Photo © Viorel Sima | Dreamstime.com

This is a trend I’m actually seeing a lot of on many of the younger, hipper guys. For this type of style, the hair is cut aggressively close on the sides and back all the way up to the round of the head. The hair on top is left about five inches long and is normally worn slicked back in a pompadour type style (or, as seen here, tossed around casually with the fingers). For this style, a blow dryer can be used to direct the hair up and back at the front hairline to give the top some height. For styling, use just a bit of Pomade (I like the water-based Woody’s Pomade for this purpose). Simply work a pea sized amount of pomade in the palms of you hands and distribute throughout the hair. Style with fingers to achieve the desired effect.

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