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Trendy Hairstyles & Haircuts for Men

Sometimes, you want to look a little different to set yourself apart from the pack. Whether it's bold chunks of color, extreme spikes, faux hawks or modern mullets, you're sure to find something that suits your unique style.

Pictures of Men's Haircuts from Fashion Week Spring 2010

These are my favorite men's Haircuts from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2010 -- on and off the runway. Some of these men's haircuts are trendy, while some are classic -- but every one of them is high fashion.

Photos of Men's Haircuts from the American Crew 2009 Revere…

American Crew's 2009 collection, Revere, is a collection of men's hairstyles characterized by deep side parts, hair directed off the face, and playful volume. These styles are great options for young men with a knowledge of styling and grooming products.

Pictures of Men's Retro Haircuts

This gallery contains several great options for men looking for a retro look. From a flattop to a sleek, groomed style, you'll find a great style that suits you courtesy of Seattle's Acme Barbershop.

Pictures of My 8 Favorite Men's Haircuts

From short to long, these are eight of my favorite men's haircuts and hairstyles. These are styles that look great now and will stand the test of time.

Pictures of Men's Extreme Haircuts

For the young and trendy, these extreme men's hairstyles can make a bold statement and set you apart from the crowd. It takes attitude to pull off these trendy haircuts for me.

Pictures of Men's Design Haircuts

While not for every man, trendy design cuts can make a bold statement for a brief period.

Pictures of Men's Faux Hawk Haircuts

For those not ready to go all the way for a full mohawk, the faux hawk can be a versatile option. Unlike the mohawk, the faux hawk haircut leaves a bit of hair on the sides and back and the shorter varieties may be worn down for a more conservative look.

Example of a Modern Buzzcut

The traditional buzzcut gets a makeover in this example of the modern buzzcut. The hair is left a little longer near the crown and texturized a bit.
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