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Classic Barbershop Haircuts


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The Depression Era Taper
Depression Era Haircut

Photo © David Alexander | Hair and styling by David Alexander | Click the photo for a larger view.

This haircut I did for Lucas is what I would call a depression era style haircut (or aggressively short pompadour). For this style, the hair is faded skin-tight low around the sides and back and quickly blends into considerable length on top (in Lucas’ case, about five inches). For this style, the blending really comes from styling. If you were to comb the style straight down, it would resemble a of a bowl cut. I really like the sharp contrast between the skin tight sides and the length on top. Pair this with some jeans, a white shirt, and skinny black tie and you’re golden. The downside to this style is that product is required to maintain styling and the style really cannot be worn down.

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