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How to Spot a Bad Haircut


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Fixing a Bad Haircut
How to Spot a Bad Haircut

When trying to recover from a bad haircut, leave the repair work to a professional. Photo © Arenacreative | Dreamstime.com

So you got a bad haircut? First, the good news. It's only hair and it will always grow back. Now, the bad news. To keep from looking like a goofball, you're going to have to shell out a few bucks and get another haircut to repair the damage. Fixing a botched haircut takes skill, so I don't recommend trying it yourself unless you plan on shaving your head.

If you're still in the barber's chair, you may be able to simply ask for a touch up. Do so only if you're completely confident this barber is skilled. That said, if your haircutter is skilled you're probably not going to be asking for a touch up, so it may be best to cut your losses and find another barber.

When you go in for a touch up, let the barber or stylist determine the best options. Sure, you might end up with a much different style than you're accustomed to, but a skilled haircutter will know what's best.

Look on the bright side. Fixing a bad haircut may force you into stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something different for a change. Change isn't always a bad thing.

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