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Horseshoe Flattop

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Horseshoe Flattop

Horseshoe Flattop Front. Click for larger view.

Horseshoe Flattop

Horseshoe flattop Side. Click for larger view.

Tell Us About the Haircut

A shaved horseshoe flattop. Easy to maintain, needs re-cutting about every 2 weeks. Love how distinctive and classic the cut is.

How Was The Cut Styled?

I re-cut my horseshoe flattop every week. I use the Wahl balding clippers to do the whole cut. After clippering it to my taste I razor shave the back and the sides bald, then blend with the clippers again. It needs little product to make it look good because it's cut so short. I use a bit of "glue" to make the front deck stand up perfect.


  • The key to a hassle free flattop, cut it short, it lasts longer.
  • Don't be afraid to take it real short, even shaved it will actually make the cut look better.

Tell Us Who Did the Cut

I self cut weekly.

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