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Horseshoe Flattop

Share Your Story: Cool Haircuts from Our Real Guys

By Flatandre

Horseshoe Flattop

Horseshoe Flattop Front. Click for larger view.

Horseshoe Flattop

Horseshoe flattop Side. Click for larger view.

Tell Us About the Haircut

A shaved horseshoe flattop. Easy to maintain, needs re-cutting about every 2 weeks. Love how distinctive and classic the cut is.

How Was The Cut Styled?

I re-cut my horseshoe flattop every week. I use the Wahl balding clippers to do the whole cut. After clippering it to my taste I razor shave the back and the sides bald, then blend with the clippers again. It needs little product to make it look good because it's cut so short. I use a bit of "glue" to make the front deck stand up perfect.


  • The key to a hassle free flattop, cut it short, it lasts longer.
  • Don't be afraid to take it real short, even shaved it will actually make the cut look better.

Tell Us Who Did the Cut

I self cut weekly.

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