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Men's Facial Hair

Facial hair is an inexpensive way to freshen up your look (and can add some warmth during cooler months).

Men's Hair Spotlight10

Spotlight Haircut - The Men's Undercut Haircut

The men's undercut haircut with shaved back and sides.

Getting the Best Haircut Possible

Getting the best haircut possible involves knowing what you want and great communication with your barber or stylist. We show you how!

How to Choose a Back-to-School Haircut

How to choose the perfect back to school haircut for men and boys.

Review of King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor

A Review of King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor, a razor you can use without shaving cream.

A Review of 800razors.com Men's 5 Blade Razor

A review of the 800razors.com Men's 5 Blade Razor

A Review of By Vilain Dynamite Clay

A Review of By Vilain Dynamite Clay, a matte finish styling product from the guys from Slikhaar TV.

World Cup 2014 Haircuts

Haircuts that look like a soccer ball.

Buzzing Your Head for Warm Weather

A buzzcut is a simple style that works well for most men and is now generally acceptable for everyone from athletes to executives (and it's a great way to save

Summer Hair Care

When the weather gets warm, many of us are a lot more active. We spend more time outdoors and in the pool. We sweat more, we get sunburned, and all the stuff

Men's Wedding Day Haircuts

How to get a haircut for your wedding day.

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