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How to Shave the Back of Your Own Neck


Shave the Back of Neck
Keeping those hairs on the back of the neck under control is essential for a well-maintained look. In this step-by-step guide, we'll explain how to shave the back of your own neck to keep a well-groomed look between trips to the barber.

You'll need a good trimmer such as the Andis Outliner, a hand mirror or swing arm vanity mirror, and a little patience.

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Five Minutes

Here's How:

  1. Remove your shirt and stand with your back to the bathroom mirror. Hold your hand mirror (or place your swing arm mirror) in front of your face and position it so you can see the back of your head in the bathroom mirror.
  2. Hold the trimmer with the teeth of the blade facing the back of your neck and parallel to the floor (the clipper should be held with blade side up) and shave a straight guide line horizontally across the back of your neck. Keep this line as close to the bottom of the natural hairline as possible. You should be able to follow the outline left from your last haircut.
  3. Flip the clipper over so the teeth of the blade are facing upward. Start at the bottom of your neck and shave upward in vertical sections until you come to the horizontal guide line you shaved in step two.
  4. If you desire a more rounded look, shave off the corners at each side of the neck. If needed, you may also remove any stray hairs behind the ears.
  5. For those who would like a closer shave than a trimmer can provide, you may shave the area with a razor. The Gillette Fusion Power Razor works well for this because of the detail blade on the back of the razor's head. Use a very thin layer of shaving cream (so you can see the hairline) and shave the neck in the direction the hair grows. Use your trimmer lines as a guide.


  1. Holding the clipper or razor with the hand on the same side of the neck your shaving makes it easier.
  2. Invest in a swing arm mirror and mount it on the wall so you may stand between it and the bathroom mirror. Not having to hold a hand mirror makes the job far less complicated.
  3. Go slowly. Rushing through the job will ensure an uneven result.
  4. Stick as close to the natural hairline as possible -- shaving into the hairline will result in an undesirable effect as the hair grows out.
  5. For proper shaping, check out my article on Choosing the Right Neckline Shape.

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