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Men's Hair For Hair Care Professionals

This section is designed to offer licensed barbers and stylists helpful information to enhance their service for male clients. From making men feel more welcome in the salon to retail selling techniques, you'll find lots of good information to help you give men the hair care experience they're looking for.
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A Review of the Wahl Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper
A Review of the Wahl Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper, a motor driven clipper with a lithium-ion battery designed for professional use.

How to Best Serve Male Clients in The Salon
The men's grooming market is white hot and men are visiting the salon more than ever. How do you keep them coming back? It's not as challenging as you'd think. Making a few simple changes will help increase your male client retention and improve your earnings from this important segment of your business. There are three main areas to focus on when trying to retain your male clients.

My Recommendations for the Best Haircutting Tools
Investing in quality clippers and shears can enhance your quality and productivity. These are my recommendations for the best tools for cutting men's hair.

How to Cut Mens Hair
When cutting men's hair, there is no right or wrong approach as multiple techniques may be used to achieve similar results. These are my thoughts on several men's haircutting techniques, from clipper work to razoring.

Retaining Male Salon Clients
Making men comfortable in the salon and getting them to come back requires a bit of work, but can dramatically increase your client base and revenue.

How to Sell Styling Products to Male Clients
A salon owner's tips for selling retail to men in the salon. These 5 easy steps will help take your retail sales to a new level.

Five Signs It's Time to Fire Your Client
For a great salon experience, it's important for the client and barber or stylist to maintain a mutual respect for each other. Just as a client is free to choose another service provider, a barber or stylist should also be free to turn away a client.

Hair Related Charities
The simple act of getting a haircut can save a life, give a child new confidence, or even help clean up an oil spill. There are several hair related charities -- these are a few of my favorites.

Hair Clipper Blade and Guard Sizes and Lengths
Among professional products, there are three major clipper brands -- Oster, Andis, and Wahl. Each clipper uses either detachable blades or guide combs and it's quite common for a client to ask a haircut length using a clipper guard number (e.g. "Give me a number two on the sides."). But wait. Each company's clipper blade or guard number isn't always the same length as another company's number.

10 Questions For David Raccuglia of American Crew
In 1994, American Crew founder David Raccuglia started a revolution in men's grooming when he walked into a distributor's office in Chicago and asked them for $25,000 to produce the first batch of American Crew shampoo. At the time, David sensed there was an important movement underway in men's grooming. I had a recent opportunity to speak...

Worlds Fastest Haircut
Ivan Zoot, the world's fastest haircutter, sets three amazing new records. As an official witness, this is my summary of the 24 hour haircutting event.

Photos From Ivan Zoot's World Record Haircutting Event
Clipper Guy Ivan Zoot sets a new world record for Fastest Haircut, Most Haircuts in 1 Hour, and Most Haircuts in 24 Hours on August 22, 2008. Official witness Dave Alexander's photo collection.

Guide to Men's Styling Products
This guide is designed to take the guesswork out of selecting the right styling product. We cover gels, creams, pomades, sprays, and waxes and give you the information you need to get the most out of your styling products.

A Guide to Men's Shampoos and Conditioners
We help take some of the guesswork out of choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair and scalp by explaining the different types of shampoos and conditioners.

A Review of Tabatha Coffey's Book It's Not Really About The Hair
A Review of Tabatha Coffey's Book It's Not Really About The Hair.

A Review of the Andis MVP Clipper
This is a review of the Andis MVP 2-speed detachable blade clipper. The review was conducted by a haircare professional under real-world use.

How to Cut a Flattop Haircut
How to cut a man's flattop haircut.

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