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How to Care for a Shaved Head

How to Keep a Bald Head Healthy


A black man shaving his head
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Maintaining a great looking bald head and caring for a shaved head takes a bit of work. Preventing razor burn and ingrown hairs and keeping the sun from wreaking havoc on your scalp are essential. Follow these three tips for keeping that dome looking smooth:

  1. Shave. The first step in maintaining your bald head is to use proper shaving technique. Follow my professional advice for shaving your head.

  2. Moisturize. Daily shaving and exposure to the sun can leave your scalp dry and flaky. Remember to use a good moisturizer on your scalp every morning.

  3. Protect. The scalp is even more susceptible to damage from the sun than other parts of the body. Always use a good sunscreen on your scalp before prolonged sun exposure. Many companies make high quality moisturizers with built-in sunscreen, so check the skin care aisle of your drug store.

These are but a few tips for keeping your bald head in great shape. For more scalp care advice, read my article on keeping your scalp healthy.

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How to Care for a Shaved Head

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