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Pictures of Men's Long Haircuts, Gallery 1

Long Haircuts


For one reason or another many guys simply can't pull off a long hairstyle -- whether it's due to a conservative job or simply an unruly head of hair, long hair isn't for every man. The upside of having longer hair is that it can give you tons of styling options. The downside is that long hair takes more work and care than a shorter style. If you've got a great head of hair and can pull it off at work, grow it out and see what happens.

Guys looking for a long men's style will find plenty of men's haircuts with styling tips here. From long layers to casual shag cuts, this gallery contains a variety of hairstyles for men. I always recommend printing the desired photo and taking it with you to your stylist -- each barber or stylist may interpret your wishes differently, so taking a photo is a great way to make sure the person cutting your hair understands exactly what you want.

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A Sleek Long Razor CutLong Layers for Wavy HairA Long, Straight ShagA Long Shag with Highlights
A Sleek, Razor ShagA Casual, Wavy ShagLong Layers for Thick HairExtra Long Layers
A Casual Shag HaircutA Shag for Fine Hair
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