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Shaving Advice for Men

Tips and advice on getting the closest shave possible. Get a more comfortable shave without razor burn, ingrown hairs, or irritation. Proper shaving technique from a licensed professional.

How to Make Shaving Something You'll Enjoy
How to turn your daily shaving ritual into something you'll enjoy.

Preventing Common Shaving Problems
How to prevent and treat most common shaving problems.

Getting the Best Shave Possible
Getting a great shave requires the proper products and technique. We show you how to pick the best shaving cream, the best razor, and how to put them to good use during your shave.

Men's Shaving Videos
Our men's shaving videos give you all the info you need to get a close, clean shave. Whether you're shaving your face or your head, we've got you covered.

Getting a Barbershop Shave at Home
A barber's guide to the perfect shave.

My Picks for Top 5 Best Razors

Of course, the type of razor you shave your face with is largely a matter of personal choice.   Among wetshaving enthusiasts, many prefer the classic double-edge (DE) razors which offer a very close shave.  A DE razor is not for everyone and they do require a more patient, steady hand.  To say I'm not a "morning person" would be an understatement.   First thing in the AM, there's nothing steady about me so I prefer to shave with one of the modern cartridge-type razors which are much more forgiving to those of us who shave while still half asleep.  Of the common razors on the market today, these are my favorite.



My Picks for the Best Shaving Creams
A clean, irritation-free shave is an essential part of your total look. Great shaving product will lubricate the skin and minimize razor burn and irritation, leaving your skin smooth, moisturized, and free of redness and nicks. These are my picks for the Best Shaving Creams.

Ingrown Hairs - Treatment and Prevention
When it comes to ingrown hairs, the best defense is a good offense. We show you how to prevent ingrown hairs and how to remove them.

How to Prevent Razor Burn
Tips and advice for preventing razor burn.

How to Save Money on Razor Blades
Ignore the blue strip on your razor blades and use my handy tips to extend the life of your blades and save big bucks.

5 Favorite Grooming Gifts for Men
It doesn't matter which occasion you're shopping for, a gift of grooming is often a great choice for the man in your life. From shaving tools to luxury shave products to travel, one of these five great choices should fit the bill.

Top 5 Shave Kits for Men
Five great shaving kits that are perfect as a gift or for yourself.

Types of Shaving Brushes
A great shaving brush can really take your shave to the next level by helping create a rich lather, exfoliating your skin, and lifting your beard. Of course, not all shaving brushes are created equal and the prices can range from hundreds of dollars to just a few bucks. We'll take help take away some of the guesswork by explaining the different types of shaving brushes.

The best brushes are…

How to Care for Your Shaving Brush
A good shaving brush can last a lifetime with proper care. It takes only a few moments after your shave to ensure you shaving brush will give you years of great shaves. We show you how to care for your shaving brush.

Shaving with a Double-Edge Razor
In recent months, I've been receiving a lot of questions about shaving with an old school double-edge razor. Many wet shaving enthusiasts agree that the best shave you can get at home can be obtained by using proper technique with a double-edge razor, badger hair shaving brush, and traditional English shave lather. I agree, so I decided to spend a week with a shaving double-edge razor.

A Review of the Gillette Fusion Razor
The Gillette Fusion Razor takes its inspiration from the Mach 3 and creates a unique design for a smooth shave.

A Review of the Rolling Razor
Since the invention of the disposable razor blade, not much has changed in razor design. The Rolling Razor from Rolling Razor, Inc. tossed out traditional design and created a razor that's a radical departure from the norm. This is my review.

Review of The Art of Shaving Gillette Power Fusion Razor
A review of The Art of Shaving Gillette Power Fusion Razor.

Review of the Personna M5 Magnum Razor
Similar to the Gillette Fusion, the Personna M5 Magnum Razor features a paintbrush style 5 blade head with a trimmer blade on the flip side.

Lucky Tiger Liquid Shave Cream
A review of Lucky Tiger's Liquid Shave Cream, a new shaving product from an icon in the men's grooming industry.

A Review of Clubman Club Lather Luxury Shave Cream
A Review of Clubman Club Lather Luxury Shave Cream from Clubman, a barbershop staple since 1810.

A Comparision Between the Gillette Fusion Power and the Schick Quattr…
A Comparision Between the Gillette Fusion Power and the Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer

A Review of the Schick Hydro 5 Razor
The Schick Hydro 5 offers an exceptional shave and great value.

A Review of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor
The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor refines the Gillette Fusion for a more comfortable shave.

How to Prevent Nicks and Cuts While Shaving
How to prevent nicks and nuts while shaving using proper technique.

How to Shave with a Straight Razor
A brief tutorial on how to shave with a straight razor (sometimes called a cut throat razor)

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